Sunday, July 10, 2011

Exactly what I needed

Not gonna lie, my life has been sooo hectic lately. It's been wearing on me BIG time. While I love being busy and feeling productive, I feel like I am missing out on all of the fun things in life. I feel like I am so busy and working (at work and doing homework) that it can be easy to get down and feel pretty lonely. This weekend has been EXACTLY what I needed. A breath of fresh air. Realizing that I have so many GREAT people in my life that I am so lucky to have around. Sooooo on Friday, I was so dead after work that I took a nap. I NEVER EVER take naps. I can't calm myself down enough to fall asleep in the middle of the day (yes, I am aware that I am extremely tightly strung). It was sooo weird to wake up from my nap! I was so dazed out for like an hour that I just sat on my porch and pounded sunflower seeds. Finally, I decided I needed to quit being a loner and went to Brick Oven with Megan. Love Megan and Brick Oven. Amazing combination! After, we decided that we wanted to buy fireworks and light them on our very own! We were so nervous, because we had never done fireworks ALL BY OURSELVES! So we bought a pack (didn't even get ID'd!! I FINALLY look older than 16!!) and we had a little show with some friends! SOOO fun! Now I feel like a big kid! That night, my cousin Caroline showed up and decided to have a little sleepover! We were up ALL night (shouldn't have taken that dumb nap) and just chatted. It was so good, I've missed her since she moved! Saturday, I slept in (felt AMAZING)! Then Caroline and I had a little "girls" day getting our nails done, eating salads, and just chattin. It was so fun to have a little girls day and catch up! After, I went to the Pre-sale preview at Nordstrom. It was so fun to get to see all of the sale stuff early!! I know, I know...I have a shopping problem...BUT I got 2 pairs of the CUTEST boots!! Such a shoppers high. After that, Mr. Tyler Jessop came down and picked me up to go to the Real Salt Lake game!! His family had box seats!! SOOO much fun! After, we came home and longboarded to Target to chill out on the wall (love chillin on that wall). Then, he taught me how to productively eat sunflower seeds. I can now eat 10 sunflower seeds at once!! He was such a great teacher! Anyways...this weekend has pretty much been "on the go" but SOOO fun. Sorry for being so chatty this post, but I just couldn't hold anything back it was so great in every way!! Here's some pictures:


Pretty good for not knowing what we were buying!

We have fun together

Proof that I have officially lit a firework in my lifetime

The game with Tyler

I've missed the multiple Tyler faces

At our booth

Suuuuuuch a cadid shot. I LOOOVE it (even though I don't love the angle...nobody ever looks good in pictures with that angle huh Ty?!)

ALSO, I would like to give a shout out to miss Jenna Agrelius. She literally is the BEST person EVER!! She hooked me up with some sweet things yesterday, that I am sure will be in a future post...for now they are a surprise. Thank you soooo much girl! I love you so much! I am still workin on your solo post, but this will hold ya over til then!

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