Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Best Six Year Old on Earth!

Today, one of my very favorite people on all of the earth had a birthday. Her name is Kali Ann Edwards and she turned six. This little gal is seriously the most cheeky, sassy, fun, loving, soft hearted little person EVER. We have always had a very special relationship and I loooove spending time with her! I could go on and on but I will tell you six things about this little gal off the top of my head:

  • This past year she has learned my phone number and calls me 2-500 times a day. The conversation usually goes like this "Oh hey girl!! How are you?! You are so cute! Let's go to lunch sometime this week! Have you lost weight Kel? You look soooo good!"...yep...she thinks that she is on the Hills or something. I just play along.
  • One time we went running together. From then on, she has deemed herself my permanent running partner. A few weeks ago, she called me and said, "So, when are we going to start training for a half marathon?!"
  • She calls to tell me her deepest darkest secrets. "Don't tell anyone, but I got grounded today." She then proceeds to pour her whole little heart and soul to me about her feelings about being grounded.
  • She is very confused about me. She thinks of me as her peer...yet knows that I am capable of putting her into timeout. Finally she said, "'re still a kid...just a reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllly big kid. Right?"....that's a good way of puttin it Kal!
  • She tells me everyday that I should get married. Last time I started dating a guy seriously, she came to me BAWLING. We then had to have a "heart to heart" that no matter what, we would still always be best friends.
  • She made me commit to stop writing on my hands. She gave me a ten minute lecture about how my body is a temple. Then, proceeded to put out her pinky and said, "Will you commit to stop writing on your hands and treat your body like a temple?" Once we pinky promised, I never wrote on my hand again. She would be a good missionary!!
So those are just some funny things off the top of my head! This kid is hilarious and I love spending time with her! For a six year old, she is pretty mature and always keeps me on my toes! We get in little fights a lot, because I forget that she is just a little kid sometimes and treat her like an adult. I can't believe that she has only been in my life for six years...I can't imagine life without her!

So here are some pictures from her "adult" party she had tonight. I will be at work during her "kid party"...don't worry, I was invited to both since I am still a kid in her mind!

Rylie and I

My dad and his parents

My grandma Barton, me, and my mom

Dave and Allie

Kate and I

Allie and I

Rylie and I

Dave, Kali, Grandpa Young

Kali and I

Kali and Grandma Cathy...same person...just 40 years apart!

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  1. HAPPY BDAY KALI!!! BEST permanent running partner ever:) Girl, you and your family are GORGEOUS!! We are going to have to go for fro-yo when I get back to Utah!!!