Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Self-Proclaimed Taste Testers

Guess who FINALLY ran 2 miles today?! I got cleared to run a little bit and see how it felt. Honestly...a little bit sore. BUT, I did it AND I did it pretty fast. I ran two miles at 7:00 minutes each. Not bad for being injured/not running in forever right?? I am going back to physical therapy tomorrow to re-evaluate and see where we go from here...so you should all pray tonight that I get to graduate physical therapy and quit being my "grumpy-because-I-can't-run" version of Kelli. Nobody likes her, especially me! So after we went running I thought..."hmmm I should probably do my statistics homework that is due by midnight and ignore my ongoing craving for frozen yogurt."...but then a miracle happened. CATH brought up the idea that we should try a new Fro-yo place that is closer than yogurtland. So, I straight up bailed on my date with statistics and we drove on over to the land of sugary goodness:

A new Fro-Yo place in Orem by Cafe Rio

I'm not gonna lie...you never forget a first love aka Yogurtland. I am still pretty partial to Yogurtland's yogurt flavors and overall "ambiance" BUT I loved the organization and topping selection of this place. Honestly, I am a conflicted woman right about now.

Dave is getting frustrated that Cath and I drag him out to Fro-Yo pretty much every other day. We took a picture of what we are going to look like in about a month if we keep this nasty habit up.


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