Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rylie's First Birthday

Little Miss Rylie turned one this week. I can't believe she is already one!! This past year has gone by sooo fast!! She had a monkey birthday party, because she loves to climb on things. She really could just climb up and down things for hours and hours! She is the cutest little gal, always smiling and giggling. She loves to cuddle when she is tired, and we all know there is NOTHING better than a little baby all cuddled up next to you trying to fight off heavy eyes. She really is the best baby EVER, very easy going. I just love this little girl so much!!

Here's some pics of the party

Woman of the hour

The great party planners

Ry and I

Time to strip down and eat some cake!

Rylie and her cousin have their b-days just days apart, they are very best friends!

The finished product: Rylie sitting on her cake

She was sad after, cause nobody wanted to hold her

Rylie and Grandpa Davy!

We missed Austin

Opening presents...can you BELIEVE how tan this kid is? I'm so dang jealous!

All of her presents!

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