Monday, August 15, 2011

10 Things

I'm all about lists lately. I can make a list for anything. So here is my "list" of random occurrences for the day:

1. Summer semester is DONE! I am soooo happy! I really feel like a huuuge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! I instantly feel stress-free and happier. School is something that stresses me out BIG TIME, because I am so afraid of failing or not being good enough. I work my butt off to make sure I have no regrets at the end of the semester. Turned out GREAT, cause I got a 95% on my statistics final, and a 3.7 overall. ONE MORE SEMESTER!!

2. I have officially let myself go since I finished summer classes. My intense schedule is dissolved, and so is every ounce of my strong Type-A personality. Since Friday, I have not worked out....ate at taco bell...ate ice cream EVERY DAY, have yet to wash my hair, and basically look completely homeless. I don't even care. A few days without running, eating somewhat healthy, or paying attention to my physical appearance is JUST what I needed.

3. Little brother is "captain" of the Mountain View cheer section called the Bruin Crazies. Today, he surprised me with a MVHS t-shirt so that I can re-live my high school days and pretend that I am cool. We ran errands together in our matching high school attire. We are so rad.

4. I went swimming with the nieces today. LOVED it. You don't even know how much I have missed having a summer break. For the next two weeks, I will be laying out reading "The Help".

5. Since I don't have school, I decided to only work part-time the last two weeks of summer to maximize my summer vaca. Side note- When I was in High School, I was a "yellow" personality, meaning I LOVED having fun. When I got to college, I re-took the test and I turned Red which is more of a get er done and be focused type of person. After today, I think it's safe to say I am and will remain a yellow for the next two weeks.

6. Biggest guilty pleasure= Bachelor Pad. I'm OBSESSED. It is literally two hours of PURE JOY for me to watch. I know that it's not a great and uplifting show, but I just love the craziness and drama of it all. Since I knew it wasn't an appropriate show, I banned my mother from watching it so that she doesn't become a corrupted Bachelor Pad fan. Tonight, she called me to discuss what was happening and who was who. I LOVED IT! I think we may have to watch it together via Skype when I live in Logan this fall.

7. I have the bestest friends in the entire world. When I told my great friend Megan about my statistics success, she brought me my FAVORITE treat in the whole world. Frozen Yogurt. Best friend of the year award? Most definitely. Doesn't it just make your entire day when someone does something for you to show that they care about you and love you? I need to do that more oft.

8. This entire summer, my yard has been under construction. My dad ripped apart the whole front and back yard and re-did the whole thing. I AM OBSESSED with my new backyard. I have a feeling there will be many diet coke reading sessions occurring in the back yard for the next ten days I live at home. Although I HATED not having a yard all summer, it was worth it. Being back there makes me feeling like I am on some fancy vaca. Nothing less but the best for captain Davy.

9. I got to babysit Miss Rylie this evening. For a good hour we crawled around and spoke in her language together. NOT EVEN KIDDING. Sometimes (okay most of the time) I worrry about my sanity. But this really was SO FUN. Rylie had a blast and was LOVING the fact that she had someone to play with. There is NOTHING better than little kids. They entertain me for hours and hours. I kinda felt bad, because I put her to bed RIGHT at 8pm, cause I wanted to watch the Bachelor Pad sooooo bad. We had a good time though. I fed her looooots of Oreos. That's how you become the Best Aunt!

I think this is SOOO funny

Food Coma?

Chocolate face

10. I am SOOO happy right now. I don't quite know what it is, but things are DEFINITELY lookin up for me right about now. It really feels sooooo good to just take a little break and allow myself to do things that I want to do. I am walking around with a permanent goofy smile on my face, AND I LOVE IT!

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