Thursday, August 25, 2011

Apple, Lemon

This is a fun game to play.....


Why in the world do I always take pictures late at night after I wash my face?? Thank goodness for tatoo eyeliner- best decision Cath has ever made for me.

Okay here we go:

APPLE: I only have one more semester until I GRADUATE!!

Lemon: Now I have to grow up in four I'm not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up still....


APPLE: After being ridiculously ill for a week straight, I finally went running today.

Lemon: I had the worst sideache of my life and thought I was legitimately GOING TO DIE.


APPLE: Today was my last day at work for the summer.

Lemon: I am going to be poor again.


APPLE: I get to see all of my classmates and teachers again after a summer away from the Family Finance family of Utah State!

Lemon: I have to do 150 hours of financial counseling and I am TERRIFIED that I don't know what in the world I am doing.


APPLE: Rosie comes home the EXACT same week I graduate!

Lemon: Tyler doesn't come home for two more years....


Apple: I get to move out of the parents house and live the college life again!

Lemon: I don't get to see all of my cute nieces everyday :(

Okay, I just got all teary eyed. Time for bed. It's off to Looogie town in the morning!! AAADIOS!

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