Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is it too soon to start making my Christmas wish list?

Because I already have.

1. A year subscription to Runner's World magazine. I'm literally ADDICTED to reading about running. I think I am a little bit off my rocker, but I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE it!! It makes me so excited to run and accomplish my future goals.

#2. A lifetime supply of Diet Coke w/ Lime. I submit that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING better than laying out in my cool new backyard, reading running magazines, and drinking diet coke. I think I have died and gone to heaven.

....No, I did not buy this magazine just because there is a muscular half-naked man on the cover...although it WAS an added bonus :)

#3. A year of unlimited free Yogurtland!!! I don't have a picture for #3, because I have refrained myself from going there today to get a picture of me eating delicious Fro-yo in my backyard since I spent all of my daily allowance on running magazines (okay, after blogging about it, I might have to go get some. It sounds SOOO delightful!)

Today I realized that I am secretly an obese person living in a runner's body. I realized how lucky I am that I love running so much, because otherwise I would be one of those people on the biggest loser that their family made them go so that they can lose 200 pounds.

2 Examples of "Obese Kelli":

1. Last night I couldn't sleep (I know, shocker). So I decided to catch up on Pretty Little Liars (not recommended when you are alone late at night- it's scary!) So, I got a bag of chocolate chips and ate a good 1/4 of the bag. HOLY FATTY! Who does that? AND THEN, Austin walks along and accidentally knocks my remote on the floor. I was LIVID. Huuuugely overreacted and yelled at him that I can't believe he knocked it off the couch and now I would have to move .5 inches to pick it up to fast-forward through commercials. WOW.

2. I was sooooo hungry this morning at work. So hungry that I fantasized about the perfect lunch to have when I got off. I toyed around with different options and finally decided on Kneaders. I asked Davy on a date (so he could pay for me) and got soooo excited to eat! Any normal person would be excited to go to Kneaders for lunch. That's NORMAL. What's not normal is when you are so excited that you download the entire Kneaders menu and plan for a good 10 minutes what you are going to order for lunch. I am pretty sure I salivated in front of my computer screen.


TMI? Probably

....Time to eat the rest of that bag of chocolate chips!

PS- The best excuse when you are eating too much ice cream or chocolate: Tell your family that you are hormonal and don't mess. It's been working for me for 2 weeks straight.

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