Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Famous Butt Massage

So if you know my sister Katie, you probably know she is a HUGE practical joker. She LOVES tricking people. Fortunately for me, I am usually her partner in crime. 

Unfortunately for me, that was not the case on Saturday night. 

So after my race, we decided to get massages that night. We go to the massage place and get in the waiting room and begin to fill out the basic paperwork. As we are doing this, Katie dares me to write my butt in the "what area do you want focused on?" section of the paper. We joked about it for a little bit, and she thought it was hilarious how disgusted I was by it. She said if she ever died, her only wish would be for me to get a butt massage in honor of her, because she knew how uncomfortable the thought of a butt massage made me. I laughed it off, and then handed her my paper and ran to the bathroom real quick before the massage.

When I came out, Katie had already given our forms to the therapists and we headed to our separate rooms. 

When I got in the room, the therapist told me to get completely naked, which I thought was somewhat strange because I never have been completely naked in a massage before, but I followed her instructions and stripped completely down. 

The massage was 60 minutes long. I will spare most of the details, but a good 30 minutes was spent solely on massaging my bare naked exposed butt. Like an INTENSE focus on rubbing out my butt. She would focus on my back, then do my butt, then my legs, then back to my butt, then my neck...and right on back to the butt. I seriously felt SO AWKWARD and waaaay overexposed! I had never had a massage like that before, usually the focus is more on the back and legs and the butt doesn't even get one bit of attention. I felt completely exposed and violated, but just figured that was part of the massage protocol, because I had never been there before. 

After the massage, we get in the car and Katie says, "So, did they massage your butt at all??" To which I replied "YES! LIKE OVER THE TOP BUTT MASSAGE!! DID YOU GET THAT TOO??!!" At that point she began DYING laughing and told me she put on my sheet for them to focus on my butt when I handed her my sheet and went to the bathroom before the massage. We were DYING! While I was completely embarrassed, I couldn't help but laugh. She got me good. 

The funniest part is...while I am super sore from the race, the only part of my body that isn't sore is, in fact, my gluteus maximus. 

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  1. hahahahaha that is toooo GOOOOOD. my butt is the most ticklish part of my body. I would have just laughed and jerked around the whole time. hahaa