Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Decision Made

Today I hit an all time retirement low. 

Since I finished Friday Night Lights, I have gone through some major netflix time wasting withdrawals. 

I decided to start watching the reality tv series "Sarah Palin's Alaska". 

About halfway through the second episode, I decided my life has become pathetic and it is time to decide on a job. 

After what felt like a million phone calls and negotiations, I finally was able to commit to a company that offered me an awesome salary, benefits, commitment to a promotion within a year, and bonuses. 

Homegirl knows how to negotiate. 

I couldn't be happier. I seriously have been in the BEST mood all day. I didn't realize how much the uncertainty/anxiety/and stress was bringing me down. 

When things are right, they work out. That is exactly how I feel about this new job. 

So, I am working at a company called iFreedom Direct. They are a mortgage company that does FHA and VA (veterans) loans. I couldn't be more happy. These loans are super solid (which was my biggest concern working in the mortgage company), PLUS I will be helping people who have spent their lives serving my country. We all know how emotional I get about our troops. I have the utmost respect for those guys, and couldn't be happier helping them use their veteran benefits to get a solid mortgage. 

I am starting as a loan officer assistant, with the plan of being promoted to a loan officer within the next year. 

The work environment seems AMAZING. Super awesome people to work with. They have been very patient with me, since I have had the offer for about a week now and couldn't make a commitment until today. They also were super accommodating to my higher salary request, which of course, is always a relief. 

They are located in SLC, so if all goes well, I will be moving to SLC at the beginning of January. I want to commute until then to make sure it is what I want to do, and what I want to commit to and move there long term. 

Best feature: They have a free pop machine for employees to drink all the diet coke they want all day. I am DEFINITELY going to rely on this since I have to be in SLC at 7:30 everyday. 

I couldn't be more excited. I think I am mostly excited about the possibility of starting brand new, not knowing where the next phase of my life is going to take me. The possibilities are ENDLESS, which excites me to no end! 

I am one of those people that is uncomfortable being comfortable and LOVES change and moving to new places!! 

Anyway, that's the update! I am SOOOO excited!!


  1. SLC! Closer to me. Congrats Celli!! It sounds like a sweet job. You're all grown up and working for a mortgage company. I was in the retirement phase in August and I never could decide if it was sweet or the worst thing ever.. We should go to lunch or something when you're up this way! Glad everything is going great for ya!

    Jessica (wilde) Norton