Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last Days as a Stay At Home Mom

Well folks, I passed my background and drug test. That means my days as a stay at home mom are coming to an end. While I am going to miss my little pals, I am MORE than ready to get back to work. I don't do well not being constantly busy all day long. For someone who has been on the go their entire life, this past month has been nearing unbearable! Sure, it was nice to sleep in and catch up on wasting time watching Netflix, but there is something inside me that GOES INSANE when I am not constantly productive.

One thing I am dreading: The Great Commute. 


On the bright side, I am not stuffed in a metro car with people all up in my business in D.C. Actually...for some reason I actually miss having no personal space and pushing my way through aggressive crowds. Weird right?

Here's some pictures as my last days with some of my favorite kids: Rylie and Kali

One of the highlights of my week was taking Rylie to Ridleys. She went straight for her little cart and went to work. This kid was on a mission and not stoppin for ANYONE! There was no such thing as casually shopping, she was literally speed walking and putting everything Katie gave her strategically into her cart!

Proudest moment of my entire "Aunt Life"?? When Rylie got a soccer ball and said "Kelli, soccer?" We then passed the ball through each other's legs for the next 30 minutes. I have high hopes for this future soccer star!

Another milestone: Mastering the "Cheers" with her sippy and my Monster. We have been workin on this for quite some time!



Not only did she learn a great party trick, but she also throws away my can whenever she notices that it's empty. True friend. 

Today, we took the kids to Hee Haws. It was awesome! The kids loved it! I also couldn't believe  how hot it was in the middle of October! 

Not only did I have a blast with the kids this week, I also got back on track with running. I was pretty relaxed about running the past 3 weeks of my unemployment, but this week I have hit the pavement HARD and it has been great! In five days, I have ran 32 miles! Halloween Half here I come!!

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  1. Hey Kelli you will have look for Tiffany, she is running the Halloween Half also. You are an adorable Aunt, you will make the best mom one day. It was fun to see and talk to your parents at Josh's wedding. Love you so much girl Keep up all the good work, your amazing :)