Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Job Thoughts

I have now made it through 2 days of the new job.

 Few thoughts:

I seriously think that all of the people who live in Utah that aren't Mormon work at my company. I work at a pretty large company (400 employees) and I have yet to find another Mormon. It blows my mind. I have never felt like the most "Molly" person in the room the entire time I have been in Utah (my whole life) until I started working at my new job. So weird/awkward when everyone is talking about last night at the bar...and I am talking about last night on my run...

I am forever grateful to my housing finance professor at Utah State- Dr. Delgadillo, who prepared me perfectly for a job in the mortgage industry. I am LOVING the industry, just as much as I loved my year of housing finance classes at USU. Nerd alert. Yep. 

I found a way to dodge the terrible commute. It's called working 8-4. I mean, who needs lunch? I would much rather get on the roads earlier than the normal rush hour. I no longer want to drop kick kittens every afternoon whilst stuck in rush hour. 

Unlimited diet coke. Need I say more? I am in HEAVEN. I think every company should do this for their employees. It is the best idea any CEO ever had. 

I always thought I would be a working mom until the past two days. As you should know by now, I spent the last month spending every minute of every day with my 2 year old niece Rylie. I keep finding myself missing her, wondering what she is doing, and sad I don't get to spend more time with her. After work yesterday, I was missing her so much that I took her a treat on my way home. I am pretty sure I am going to have a bigger meltdown than my sister when that kid goes to kindergarten! I can't imagine being a working mom. I have a whole new respect for those guys (shout out to Shannon and Elizabeth-you guys are amazing!)

She always gets so excited when I come to visit. How could you not miss this face??

Two days down...years to go. I am absolutely terrified I am not good enough and I am going to fail...mostly because I am the youngest by A LOT. This big kid stuff is rough!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. So excited to be home now. You are going to do great!