Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Normalizing Awkward

Am I the only person that thinks concerts are COMPLETELY AWKWARD social situations?

I went to the Carrie Underwood tonight and my brain was exploding, just being entertained by the complete awkwardness taking place that everyone was somehow accepting as socially normal.


1. The girls behind me wearing their I Heart Carrie Underwood T-Shirts BELTING every lyric like they wrote the darn thing. Not to mention they were off key.  Little Rant: Don't worry girls, I really paid $75 bucks to come to a concert to hear your atrocious voices. I mean, I could have just stayed home and listened to my Carrie Underwood CD, but I reallllly wanted to come listen to you belting in my ear the entire night. Thanks!

2. The 60 year old couple playing their air guitars whilst belting every lyric. My eyes will never be the same after seeing that sight. 

3. The awkward guys who only came to impress their brand new girlfriends. The girlfriend is next to him thinking he cares about the concert, taking in every sappy romantic lyric...meanwhile homeboy is checking the scores on the ESPN app on his iphone whilst shifting weight from one leg to the other so his girlfriend thinks he is "dancing" along with her. Nope. Newsflash: No such boyfriend exists! 

4. The awkward head bobs. Everyone does it. What are you supposed to do? There is a beat playing...just stand there? For some reason that feels even more awkward than awkwardly bobbing your head all night long. Now that I think about it...I kind of have a headache from awkward head bobbing for 3 hours. 

5. Standing up the ENTIRE concert. By the end, everyone's knees are shaking and everyone is PRAYING there is a slow song next and the people in front of them sit down so they can take a break. I'm tellin ya, after running a total of 26.5 miles the past four days, not to mention the .5 mile SPRINT to the arena so we didn't miss Hunter Hayes, it was getting REALLY hard to stand up when the fast songs were played. Thank goodness Carried evenly spaced her slow songs to give the crowd a break!

6. Clapping to the beat. This hurts my head. I am focusing SO HARD not to clap off beat, but after a solid 2 minutes of focusing to clap to the beat, I ALWAYS get off beat somehow!

I hope someone else can relate to this post. Just wait until you go to your next concert and you begin to notice the complete awkwardness of the situation! 

That being said, Carrie Underwood put on a great show. Great voice, great stage effects, and great songs. Homegirl sang for 2 hours straight and completely rocked it. 

Please enjoy some crappy iphone pics:

She floated over the crowd for part of the concert singing a bunch of songs, it was pretty cool for all of us in the back!

In case you haven't noticed, horizontal stripes are what all the cool kids wear these days. 

I just connected the dots, and Austin and I are definitely related. 

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