Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Car Has a Name

This may or may not be the most random post in all the land. 

My new car's name is LeBron. It was a tough choice between LeBron, Usher, and Denzel...but LeBron fits. 

In 48 hours we will have a pretty good idea who will be the President for the next four years. I am having some serious anxiety. 

I got to talk to my best pal Rosie on the phone yesterday! She lives in Jerusalem, and it was SOOOO good to hear her voice!

You know you are sleep deprived when you wake up from your 3 hour Sunday nap and you can't wait for the next 6 days of work to be over so you can have another Sunday nap next Sunday. 

It is amazing what happens when you let your guard down and allow yourself to sleep for 13 hours. I feel like a new person after a week of 10 hour days (12 if you count the commute) and a suuuuper annoying headache all week. 

I am starting to get a hang of the new job, but it still frustrates me that I am still learning and I am not instantly perfect at it. I think my 2013 New Years resolution is going to be to embrace my imperfections and cut myself a break every once in awhile. 

I am pretty sure I hurt my back running the Halloween Half. I am taking a break from running aka going crazy aka need to get a gym pass and go to spin class ASAP!

I am over dating. I really think they were onto something in the arranged marriage era. 

I told you I had some random things floating around my head.

On Friday after work, I met up with my family in Park City for our annual shopping trip. It was fab as usual. I got my first paycheck. Being an adult is so much better than working the Honey Baked Ham counter (my favorite job to date). 

Here's some pics: 

Jack told me this week he was voting for Mitt Romney because I was. Smart kid. 

Someone escaped their stroller after 2 hours of shopping. 

This is her typical "awkward face". 

She automatically smiles and says cheese when my phone is pointed towards her now. I am so good at training babies. 

Love these quotes. 

I already hate that it turns dark so early. RIP summer!

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