Monday, November 19, 2012

Eat Like A Pilgrim

So apparently every Thanksgiving season, Thanksgiving Point puts on a dinner/show called "Eat Like A Pilgrim" where you go re-enact the first Thanksgiving. 

I am so glad I live in the year 2012. 

They couldn't eat with forks back then, because they were a sign of the devil (pitchforks). Also, the food was...interesting...but I'm sure probably tastier than what was actually served the first Thanksgiving. 

It was so fun to have the old gang back together: Me, Aust, Cath, and Dave. The fierce-some foursome!

They made us use our napkins to cover our entire chests because they didn't know when we would get new clothes again....but I am pretty sure there is a major sale going on this friday called Black Friday!

Austin felt awkward. This is his awkward face. 

Notice the draped over napkin. 

 The cute couple back together again!!

A Pilgrim and an Indian

It was PACKED!

Dave wanted to give me a little education about the Pilgrims...

My attention span didn't last very long. 

I realized today that it is the little things throughout the day that make my days so fun. Like today, when my cubicle-mate who is a middle aged man said my boots were "cute". Then he told me his favorite TV show was Project Runway. Oh the joys of cubicleland!

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