Monday, November 26, 2012

Committed to Qualifying

For the next six months, I have committed myself to becoming obsessed with three important numbers: 8:12. Why are those so important? Because that is the mile pace that I need to run for 26.2 miles to qualify for the Boston Marathon on June 8th at the Utah Valley Marathon. Since I am one with MAJOR commitment issues, this is HUGE. I mostly have commitment issues, because I never am one to "half-ass" anything. Once I am committed, I am fully invested. Last night, I finally made the commitment after 18 months of going back and forth deciding if I will ever run another marathon after failing to qualify my last marathon. 

I have committed for many reasons. The biggest motivation is this quote that I have lived by for the past year:

 "The fear of failure is ultimately selfish; it reflects a preoccupation with self and overlooks the fact that one's strength and abilities come from the divine mind". -Hank Paulson. 

Besides realizing how important it is for me to reach for my dreams, despite the fear of failure, I feel like I have learned A LOT by running 6 half marathons this summer. 

I learned how to race. I learned how to be mentally tough for an extended period of difficulty. I learned that sometimes things are completely beyond my control, and I can't focus on them as much. I learned the importance of training- it keeps you very very honest come race day. I have learned that I can't just rely on my natural talents, I have to actually commit myself to a real training program. 

Initially when I made the commitment, I decided "Okay, but this is my last try. If I fail, I am done". After thinking about it for the last day, I realized if I fail this time, there's not a chance I am just going to quit and give up. That's not who I am, nor ever will be. 

I am excited for the future. I am excited for marathon number three. Hopefully training goes well. Hopefully I qualify. Hopefully I don't get injured. BUT, I can only control what I can and do my best!

This is the 30 week training program I have committed to:

I haven't ever followed a training program, so this is a whole new territory for me. 

A look back on the last two: 

2011- My sights were set high. This was one year after a major ankle surgery, and I was more motivated than ever. I trained some, but planned on relying mostly on my natural talents like I had my previous marathon. I was really disappointed that not only did I not qualify, but that race made me very honest. I left with a lot of "what if's". I should've trained more, focused on the mental side, ran more hills, put in more miles, etc. I didn't qualify, because I was too confident in my pure, natural talent. I didn't deserve to qualify, because I didn't put in the hard work required. While this was a HUGE disappointment, I learned more from this race than any other race I have ever ran. It has seriously taken me 18 months to move on from this race!

Time: 3 hours 57 minutes

2009- This was my first marathon. I was working at a gym as a personal trainer at the time. I was in very good shape, and really strong. I was a lot more committed to a healthier diet. The funny thing- I didn't decide to run this marathon until a week before when I found out I didn't have work. This marathon made me love the distance. It made me realize that I can do hard things. While I relied purely on my natural talent, if I would have had a bad experience in this race, I probably wouldn't be running today. This was the perfect first marathon...even though I got a stress fracture at mile 20. Once again, my lack of mileage and training kept me honest. 

Time: 3 hours 47 minutes. 

In case you were wondering, to qualify for Boston, I have to run in under 3 hours, 35 minutes. 

Here's to the next 30 weeks!


  1. AWESOME!! You can do it little sis!

  2. You can do it! Don't let the junk food of the holiday season get you down at all!

  3. hey! I vote you make a training program for yours truly for a half!