Friday, December 16, 2011

Treadmill Half Marathon??

Yep, I have officially lost my marbles. 

Here's the thing... my love for running is much greater than my hate for the treadmill

After a week of not much running, I decided to run 13.1 miles on the ol' treadmill. 

At a VERY quick pace of 1 hour 28 minutes (about 7 minute miles)

How does someone run that fast? 
Proper pre-running fuel = Swedish Fish and Orange Juice (I know what you're thinking Alex...and that orange juice may or may not have had large amounts of caffeine..)

I burned almost 2,000 calories (according to the treadmill). I am guessing I burned more, due to the fact that I was alone in the gym with the lights turned out singing karaoke using my ipod as my microphone...

I am so proud of my little legs. Only sore thing today = armpits. I had already moved my bodyglide (chaffe gel) home. Never again. 

In other news....I am now in Orem for exactly 20 days before I take off to D.C. I am sooooooo excited for a Christmas vacation!! 

By the way, I only respond to people who call me Kelli Young, B.S. now. 


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  1. How have I never heard about bodyglide? I'll have to get me some of that once I'm actually back to running consistently. AWESOME time BTW!