Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas was so great this year! Even though it felt weird without my dad around, we managed to have a pretty great day! The day started out going over to Alex's to skype his brother who is on a mission. It was so fun to be around his great family and spend some time with them and talk to his brother. After that, I came home and opened all my presents and had breakfast with the fam. Today was the day I turned into a woman. I went from jeans and t-shirts to suit coats and slacks. More pictures to come. Next, was church. Loved it...except for the fact that I went waltzing into church with my TJ Maxx tag hanging out the back of my new dress! I think my brain is pretty scrambled after the past few crazy days. After church we had a big Christmas dinner with our friends from Australia. Such a great day! I feel so refreshed, just what I needed. 

I'm so sad Rylie grew out of her smiling for the camera phase

 Spending time with excited kids on Christmas is my FAVORITE!

Favorite present = Watch from Alex. It's sooo rad! I am obsessed!

He also gave me a skin for my phone to remind me that even though I have to act like a grown up for the next few months, I am still the same little girl!

Grandma and Rylie

My two favorite Australians

I really don't know how Rylie managed to get in every other picture...

Mom and Candy- I am hoping Candy has her baby before I leave in the next 10 days!

Santa (Kali) came and gave us presents!! Jack was SOOO excited!

The Australians!

I am soooooo sad my little sis is leaving me!! We had so much fun together!

The Bunnells

Mom with the Australians. My dad converted Bruce (on the left) on his mission many years ago. This week, they came to pick up their daughter from the Temple Square Mission. SOOO cool to hear about his conversion!

The only downside to the day is the fact that I can't get in my bed tonight without cleaning up all my presents...this week is going to be CRAZY trying to get all packed up for the big move!

Feel free to come clean my room for me...

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