Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am going INSANE!!

Okay, so school is wrapped up. So why in the world am I trapped up in Logan?? I have been asking myself the same thing. I have to wait to have my exit interviews with my internship, before I am fully released from this terrible place called Logan. I am just going CRAZY, because I have less than a month left in Utah and want to spend time with my very favorite people before I have to go through withdrawals for four months!! I mean, how could you not want to spend all of your time with these guys: (once again, pictures are from Facebook)

 Mr. Stud Muffin himself: Alex Madsen

The niece with the most spunk: Allie

Hitting the slopes with anyone who will come with me! Hint hint...Shannon and Austin...

My favorite Dave

The whole crew! This was taken 3 years ago...we now have 3 more kiddos in our clan and one on the way!

Mr. Jack and all of his wise Angry Birds advice

My bestest friend in the whole wide world: Kali (telling her I was moving across the country was the hardest part about taking the internship...but she has already planned that we WILL be having all of the holidays that I miss when I get back: Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Easter)

Shannon I stole this picture, because I love it!!

Kate the Great


Rylie (this is her escaping when she realizes I am out of chocolate)

The two best sisters anyone could ask for!

My favorite teenager Austy

The greatest example to me and truly my best friend: my mom. 

Leaving my family for four months is going to be suuuuper hard. I am ridiculously attached to these guys and would do anything for them. I can't wait to get home and spend as much time as I can with all my favorite people!!

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  1. Oh cute pictures! We love you Kelli!! Can't wait to see you!