Monday, December 12, 2011

In Four Years...

As I am finishing up my college career this week, I can't help but look back. See how far I have come. Most people say that high school was the best years of their life. I hated high school (probably had something to do with a best friend dying and not really knowing how to maturely handle it in high school). I never looked back and missed high school. College on the other hand...I LOVED college. Some of the best memories I have are in college. Some of the best friends I have ever met was at college. There have been ups and downs, but I have grown up A LOT. I look back and think of the girl I was four years ago a lot. I was a completely different person. I was a sad person. I was a lost person. I was a person that didn't have much hope. I was a person that didn't have much self esteem. I was a person that had no direction. It is crazy what a difference college has made in my life. In the four years of college, I have:

1. Found a passion in the field of Family Finance, and want to help make a difference in the lives of families by helping them get their finances under control. 
2. Participated in 2 college sports: soccer and cross country.
3. Visited many places, including a 14 day backpacking trip through Peru. 
4. Made TONS of amazing friends. 
5. Learned how to open my heart to people and love them unconditionally. 
6. Ran two marathons. 
7. Moved on healthily and happily from a death that suffocated my ability to fully live. 
8. Attended 3 schools throughout the state of Utah. Of course, Dixie was my favorite. Who doesn't love being warm all the time??
9. Lost 15 pounds. 
10. Learned who I really am and where I want to go. 
11. Become happy with myself and love myself unconditionally...even when I have a perceived "failure".
12. Had many adventures, including skydiving.
13. Gained a HUGE appreciation for my family and how much they do for me. 
14. Realized how much I actually don't know, and how far I need to go. 
15. Gained a solid testimony of my savior and his church that is all mine, not borrowed from anyone else!

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. As I was driving home, the words were flowing, but I can't remember all that I wanted to say. Basically, I have come a long way and I am so happy and healthy. I am grateful for all of the crap I had to go through, in order to learn all that I have learned these past few years. I am grateful for each and every person who has influenced me and taught me so many invaluable lessons. 

I don't have my pictures on my new computer, so here's a few college pictures I found on Facebook: 

Apartment 7 at Dixie

My last weekend at Dixie

Shout out to Megan, Michael, and ESPECIALLY Alex- You guys ROCK!

 Jessa and I last Halloween, I have some HILARIOUS memories throughout college with this girl, even though we haven't lived by each other the whole time!

Marathon #2- My perceived failure marathon that has taught me WAY more than my "successful" first one!

 I will never forget a week of Halloween festivities at this house!

 These two boys are some of the greatest guys I know!

 Skydiving with Kate. I don't think I could ever have made it without the daily phone calls of encouragement. 

I don't care how old you are, roommate sleepovers are THE BEST!

If you weren't in the pictures, don't feel left out. I wish I had all of my pictures from my other computer moved over, but I haven't gotten that done yet. Thank you everyone who has made a difference and made me a better person. I am who I am today because of the influence of each person I have come in contact with, and of course, because of my Heavenly Father. Much Love!

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