Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here's to YOU!!

My Faithful Life in the Sexy Lane Readers, 

As 2011 comes to an end, I want to write YOU a letter of appreciation! This blog has been the last step to turn "Sad Kelli" into a "Happy Kelli". As I have written about many times before, 6.5 years ago my life changed dramatically. I experienced a loss of someone very very dear to my heart: my brother-in-law Byron. As "experts" say, it takes about 5 years to fully grieve the death of someone close to you. Well, I began this blog about six months before the 5 year mark, and it literally changed me. This blog has turned the introvert weird grieving Kelli back into the normal happy optimistic extrovert Kelli that I was back when I was 16. When Byron died, I had a REALLY hard time being myself again. I was sooo burdened with sadness and didn't know how to be a normal person again. There were many many rollercoasters of craziness and sadness until I FINALLY became me again. The blog has helped me reach out and build new friendships, share my passion for running and allow it to grow, and most of all...just be ME and be happy that I am plain ol' imperfect Kelli. I know, I know it sounds weird saying that a blog has changed me, but it really has! It has allowed me to reach out and be myself and be SHOCKED at the amount of people who love me and support me just as I am, not as the "perfect" Kelli that I always think I need to be! Since the blog has began, I get about 1,000 hits per month, which BLOWS MY MIND! I really don't think I am that interesting, and I definitely am not that great of a writer/photographer! I just try to be me and be as transparent as I can. I have always hated those blogs that act like their lives are perfect and everything always goes just as planned (the typical Utah facade). It would be completely impractical to say that I don't have hard days and I don't get sad, and I really try to show exactly who I am and what I am thinking as a real, honest 22 year old kid. Sorry for all the crazy blabbering, but basically what I want to say is thank you for following the blog and reading the blog. The love and support is something that has truly changed my life and has made me happy that I am me...however imperfect that may be! Here's to an even more eventful 2012! My New Years resolution is to be more wittier, have better grammer, and take EVEN MORE pictures!!

Stay Excellent, 

Kelli Julia Young

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