Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bragging Rights

Okay, the results are in:

Fall 2011 GPA: 3.71
Overall College GPA: 3.55
Major GPA: 3.8

I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to know that I gave college everything I had and worked my butt off and it paid off!! I never thought I would be in a situation where my undergraduate professors PESTER me about coming back to graduate school and conducting research with them. I mean, who just gets asked if they want free graduate school? Pretty rad, even if I don't end up going to grad school at USU. Even though the plan has always been to go to grad school the fall after I graduate, right now it doesn't feel like the right thing for me. I am not sure why, but I am sure the big man upstairs does. 

I apologize, I haven't taken ANY pictures since I moved back to Orem. 

I have been too busy doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and loving it! Seriously, being lazy and not feeling guilty about it is the BEST feeling EVER! I am beginning to remember what life before college felt like, and it is GREAT! I have gotten to spend time with all my favorite people: family, nieces, my favorite australian, my favorite boy, and my FAVORITE ROSIE! We went to her homecoming yesterday and it was AMAZING! It feels so great to be home and be around loved ones and people who appreciate me for me and make me glad that I am me. I got all the Christmas shopping done today. Hallelujah. I don't think I could handle the hustle and bustle any more than today. 

Best part about graduating and Christmas within the same month? Buying MYSELF an ipod nano to congratulate myself. Yes. I am very selfish. Whatev. Being able to have a whole 2,000 songs on one ipod for running and 2,000 songs on another ipod for normal life sounds like the best idea EVER to me. 

Pictures of the break will come soon! Trust me, I feel embarrassed even posting a post without pictures!

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