Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Blog World,

I am sorry.

Remember those days when I used to be a really great blog writer and I would keep you updated on every single little thought crawling through my brain? Well, something happened. 

Graduating > Blog Writing

I know, I's not's me. I just figured that IF I did actually graduate, I would have more time to write in the blog, right?? 

So anyway, I apologize for being a slacker. I will be COMPLETELY done next week, and will hopefully have a little more time on my hands (but then again...I will be in Orem hanging out with all my favorite people...) So anyway, here are some excuses for why I have sucked at blogging lately:

1. I don't feel as funny when I am really stressed.
2. Paper after paper...40 papers were written this semester...13 presentations...40 quizzes...6 exams...40 counseling sessions. Basically, just A TON of busywork. 
3. Hanging out with Alex > Blogging. 
4. I am officially white and no longer take waaaay too many random pictures of myself. 
5. I have been a slacker runner, and EVERY time I write on my blog, it is because I thought about it running. Treadmill season doesn't provide me with as much material, mostly because I am a bitter buffalo that I can't run outside anymore. 
6. I have been addicted to Netflix more than blogging lately. 
7. My life is literally just one big blur lately. I don't even remember yesterday. 
8. In one month, I will be across the country...therefore time with people is more important than time with keyboard. 
9. Computer is sucking lately...insert NEW Macbook Air!!!
10. Cold times = boring times and nothing suuuper blog worthy!

Last thing- last Friday, I was trying to impress Alex with my domestic skills so he would think I was a normal domestic-type girl...well that completely FAILED...

What was supposed to look like this:  cookie cooked on the other side of a muffin pan to make a perfect little cookie ice cream bowl...genius right??

Actually turned out like this:

Cookie drip-age ALL OVER the oven and MAJOR smoke!!

Yeah...still working on that domestic thing...

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