Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tips from the Pro: How to Survive Treadmill Season

Believe it or not, I actually hate running sometimes. It's a little swear word called the treadmill. I ABSOLUTELY HATE running on treadmills. There really is nothing more boring than staring at a screen for your entire run. The problem is...I am a wuss in the cold. I am scared I am going to slip on ice...since I fall on my face when there isn't ice. Also, I don't feel like inhaling all that cold air is good for the ol' ticker. I have heard people like treadmills because they can watch TV and run..well the only TV I watch is Fox News, and (call me crazy) but that doesn't quite get me pumped up to bust out 5 miles. So here are some tips for the treadmill blues...

1. Sign up for a race in March that keeps you motivated to train through the winter. I am running the Rock N Roll Half in DC this next March. Feel free to come out and run with me!!

2. Stay inspired by reading running magazines and books and watching running documentaries. 

3. Get cool "winter" running gear. 

4. Focus on your running mechanics since you are staring at yourself in the mirror as you run. I feel like my form will be much better after this winter. 

5. Use the treadmill as a way to run smart. Running on the treadmill makes me stay the same pace the whole run. It's amazing how much better I feel when I don't burn myself out the first mile!

6. Use the treadmill like a spin bike. I am ALWAYS messing with the speed and incline to make it more of a interval workout, which is a better workout anyways. 

7. Play games with yourself. See how long you can run at a 10 mph pace for. For some reason, I can run at a MUCH faster pace when I am on a treadmill. It makes me feel really cool!

8. Take your phone. After each mile you run, allow yourself "walk time" to check you ESPN app to see the latest College Basketball scores, check the stock market, or check your Fox News app (yep, I really am that big of a nerd)

9. Make funny faces to entertain yourself in the mirror. 

10. If none of these tips work, then you will probably go in deep depression during treadmill season. Since nobody wants to be depressed, just bundle up and brave the cold weather! Good Luck!!

Yep. I send Alex blurry, sweaty pictures of myself to prove to him that I am cool and workout during the winter..even though it takes a good 2 hours of mindless Netflix watching to get myself prepared for treadmill boringness!

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