Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Becoming Tourists

I only have a few days left with my Australian. 

So what do we do?

We go visit BYU of course. I am really good at promoting a school I have never been to. 

Who do you think looks the most like Brigham Young??

She kept stressing Alex out. The sign behind her said DO NOT TOUCH, but she kept faking us out pretending to grab it. 

Of course we had to do our annual Thanksgiving Point Christmas lights drive thru

And say Hi to Rudolf. Today was one of my least favorite picture taking days. Not photogenic at all today. 

Of course we had to top off the night at the classic American burger joint. We went all out with the hats and everything. If you haven't gotten a hamburger "protein style" do it. It's all the goodness of the hamburger wrapped up in lettuce. LOVE. 

Look at this little gem I found when I was uploading pictures. Alex wanted everyone to see how cool he was with his Ray Bans and Peace Sign picture. Hey there good lookin'!

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