Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Post-College Life

Okay, I'm not TOTALLY done. I still have an optional final and some exit interviews for my internship, but things are pretty much wrapped up. College is in the books. I feel SOOO weird about it! What do people do with their lives when they don't have school?? I mean, I have been in school since I was 5...for a whopping 16 years, I have been in school!! That's so crazy to me. Not only that, but once I FINALLY chose a major, I went the last year and a half straight through with zero breaks. So now that all the stress is gone...I realized I have absolutely NO life!! I mean, school completely consumed me and now I don't know how to live like a normal human! What do people do when they don't have to think about papers, quizzes, and tests?? I feel like I need to go to therapy to detox myself!!

There has been one HUGE perk to graduating though. I am officially blogging to you from my new MacBook Air!! Happy graduation to me!! That's also why this post doesn't have pictures...cause I don't know how to use this thing!!

Yesterday my Mom and Gen came up to get most of my stuff in the big car. We had lots of fun (I much fun as you can have in Logan in December). We went to 2 movies, ate yummy food, and went shopping! It was good to have them up here so I didn't go completely crazy with boredom for at least 24 hours! I really don't have any idea what I am going to do in this land for the next week. I guess I will begin to act like a real person and go Christmas shopping, read, run on the treadmill, and watch all the Fox News I want!! I am definitely open to suggestions people!! 

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