Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Very Large Decision

Okay my bloggy friends, I need your help on this major life-changing decision. I got running on the mind. Probably (most likely) because I ran 5 miles, then watched a documentary about running, then read Runner's World, then looked online at shoes, then went to 4 different shoe stores.

 I PROMISE you, I got all my homework done and went to all my classes too. It's just been a VERY productive day.

 Sooo after lots of research, I have narrowed the running shoe candidates: 

 Brooks Purecadence: A supportive minimalist shoe that has the latest technology and provides optimal support, but is still lightweight...

Saucony Hattori: Veeerrrry lightweight/minimal shoe. The most minimal that I will go. It's not that I am totally against Vibrams (5 finger), but mostly I am just too vain to wear them slash I feel like with my recent ankle surgery, I need more support than they provide. BUT, I am all about minimalist running and can see a huge difference on my knees and hips

So, that's the dilemma. Some of you (my parents) might ask: "And how are you affording ANOTHER pair of running shoes?!" Well mom, I have come up with a BRILLIANT finance-major plan. I am going to stop drinking so much diet coke (which saves like $2 or more per day). Once that habit is kicked, I will have extra cash for the shoes, and I will be healthier. 

Like I said, Brilliant. So if you are reading this, PLEASE give me your opinion, even if you just prefer the looks of one shoe over the other!


  1. my vote: Brooks Purecadence. My mom just got a pair similar to those and she likes them a lot. and plus that is a nice color blue. :)

  2. Kelli,
    You should buy both. Are you not your mother's daughter?
    Aunt Sue