Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lake Powell Part Two

Where in the world have I been? It has been over a week since my last Life in the Sexy Lane post!! That's unheard of!! I really do feel like I have been away from the blogging world far too long! Well there's a few reasons why I haven't been updating as frequently:

  • I am an intern at the Family Life Center for Financial Counseling aka I have sold my soul to the Financial Counseling Center and have no more time for guilty pleasures...except for the Bachelor Pad, which takes up all my free 2 hours of the week.

  • I am taking 15 credits of school and my days begin muuuuch earlier than I am used to.

  • We got a Wii. I have NEVER EVER been a gamer. EVER. BUUUUT, this Wii business is actually pretty fun! I know, I know they have been out for yeeeeears, but this is my first experience. My problem is, I don't want to be on my death bed thinking..."well I didn't accomplish any of my goals, but at least I unlocked all of the races on Mario Kart..." With that being said, my roommates and I spent a good 4 hours last week playing Mario Kart and I don't regret it at all.

  • From last Thursday until yesterday, I was at my most favorite place in all of the world!! Lake Powell!! I looooooved it!! Just my parents and I went (yes, in case you haven't noticed...I am the third wheel on many vacations with my parents...they are really cool what can I say?!)
Here are some pictures of our vaca:

It was a looooong drive from Logan to LP

When I am not at school learning about finance, I spend my entire vacation reading about finance. NERD ALERT. Great book though.

I drank an ENTIRE 12 pack in 5 days. It's a reaaaalllly good thing I don't drink alcohol.

We stayed at the docks and went to the restaurant EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. Carb OVERLOAD.

I'm so glad my parents let me tag along with them on all of their cool trips.

Of course....relaxing wouldn't be relaxing without reading about running.

Cath and I.

Captain Dave.

I decided to go out of the ordinary and show the wakeboard some lovin. The wakeboard was not so kind to me.

I had a GNARLY fall and my ankle INSTANTLY turned purple. This was literally 2 minutes after I got out of the water.

On top of all the carbs, we couldn't pass up ice cream. I usually rationalize by saying that I need the calcium since all of the diet coke is taking the calcium out of my bones. Makes sense to me...I get diet coke AND ice cream!

Not ready to leave

Good thing my parents have a TV in their car so that I could watch an ENTIRE TV series on the way home!!

I looked really good in my headphones.

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