Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

Okay, so my blogging/fitness inspiration is: www.hungryrunnergirl.com 

Every Tuesday, she writes three completely random tangents about herself. I think this is a GREAT idea, considering I am one of the most random/quirky people I know and I always think of weird/random things to blog about. Triple Tangent Tuesday is definitely my style. 

So today is the first of many Triple Tangent Tuesdays!

I often have strange conversations with myself. They usually end in negotiations. Like this morning. "Kelli, if you wake up for your 7:30am research methods class, I will let you wear the most comfortable clothes/shoes that you own." And then I look homeless all day, and don't mind one bit. I deserve to be comfortable! I made it to my early class on time!! I am all about the rewards system. 

Ever wonder if Taco Bell is opened at 10:00 in the morning? Well, I can now testify that it is! I have been craving taco bell for an entire week now. By 10:00am the inner beast in me NEEEDED taco bell. I mean, I woke up early and didn't have breakfast! It was delicious and I don't feel sick at all...I will let you know how my run feels later though...
Side Note- The lady that works the drive thru window at El Azteca in Orem knows me. I went to get some delicious mexican food whilst in Orem last weekend, and she said, "I miss see you around here no more"...which means that she has missed seeing me around. VIP customer right here. 

My life would literally be in SHAMBLES if I ever lost my planner. It seriously holds the key to my life. I am CONSTANTLY making sure that everything is in my planner and I am getting the things done that need to be done. If you don't want me to flake on you, have me write it in my planner and our play date will be set it stone. 

Okay, so kinda boring for the first Triple Tangent Tuesday, but I promise I will get better and write down all of the random tangents that pop into my head throughout the week. Pretty soon Tuesday will be your favorite day of the week!!

Also, I think that everyone should have a Triple Tangent Tuesday on their blog!

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