Monday, September 19, 2011

Struggles of a Type A personality

Today, I juuuuust really really miss this guy and the unconditional love that he gave me me...stupid fall time makes me miss him lots and lots. Boo!

So, I wish I could tell you that this weekend was the BEST WEEKEND EVER! But, unfortunately, it was not. At all. 

I wish I could say I spent all weekend playing with my nieces....I did not. 

I wish I could say I went on a really really long run on Saturday...I did not. 

I wish I could say I rode my road bike that I have missed oh so much....I did not. 

I wish I could say that I watched the entire BYU game without falling asleep...I did not. 

I wish I could say I went to Yogurtland with Cath...I did not. 

I wish I could say I was ooober productive and now I am stress-free...I did not. 

I wish I could say I saw everyone that I love so dearly...I did not. 

The bright spot of the weekend was all of the quality time with Cath. I love and appreciate my mom SOOOO much. Seriously. She is THEE BEST!!

Why? One duuuumb duuumb reason. 

Migraine headache. BOOOOOO!

Soooo apparently, I really like to get suuuuper stressed out, and then my body FREAKS out. When I went to Orem on Friday, I was really really stressed out. I figured I would come home, see the fam, get in really good workouts, and be productive. I thought that was a BRILLIANT plan! My little sleep-deprived, stressed out body had other plans. 

I woke up Saturday morning with a HUGE headache. It seriously rocked my body. I spent a good majority of the day asleep. I would wake up, write a paper, and get all headached and need to lay down again. Then I tried eating. That should help right? Wrong. I threw up, and then passed out for almost the rest of the day. Surely the BYU game would make me feel better. It made me dizzy and I fell asleep the whole first half. Boo. Not like I missed much anyways. Then, on Sunday, I slept the ENTIRE day until 2pm church. What in the world?? Who does that? Headached Kelli does. 

So basically, weird things stress me out. Like school, an uncertain future, uncertain relationships/friendships, and other really weird things. So my body just attacks. Stress is seriously TOXIC to our bodies. It is not normal to get rocked by migraines due to stress. I NEEED to learn to keep my type-A beast under control!!

Luckily, I woke up this morning and I am feeling MUUUCH better after a great night of sleeping. Hopefully this week won't kill me, because I am going back down to Orem on Friday and would really like to spend my weekend enjoyably, rather than laying in a dark basement feeling like I am going to die. 

Sorry for the bitter buffalo post. I promise you tomorrow I will be all happy and chipper. Just let me get in a 5 mile run today and I will be a whole new girl!!

Random Kelli Quirk of the Day: I am racist. Against white socks. I don't know why, but I will ONLY wear black socks now. I just love them so much better than white socks. Why? I have no idea. 

Stay Excellent!

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I think all the Bunko winners cheated, so you didn't miss out on that.

    But you better be at the Bunko party Ocotber 30th! Costume Party!!!!!