Monday, September 26, 2011

The Dating Game

If you're thinking to yourself, "What does this picture have to do with this post?"...quit thinking right NOW. Because it honestly has nothing to do with anything, except that I am in a weird mood. 

So, I am 99% sure that I might have an invisible sign (that I can't see, but everyone else can) on my forehead that says, "Hey! I am a 22 year old single Mormon that needs a husband!" 


  There has been a lot of lessons in church about girls like me and how it is every member's calling to set us up. 

I am convinced that one of these two things is happening. 

I have never been set up more in MY LIFE than I have since this semester started. Blind date after blind date. I swear at least 1-2 times weekly I am getting texts, phone calls, emails about how someone knows the PERFECT person to set me up with. 

I don't quite know how to take this. Do they think that I am desperate and not capable of finding eligible young bachelors on my own? Or do they just think I am a really cool girl and they want someone that they care about to marry me???

Well, after lots and lots of pondering, I have decided to take this as a compliment. 

I mean, who doesn't like a free dinner and a new friend every now and then? 

So friends, keep the blind dates coming. While I am convinced there is NO MAN in the world that can handle me, I would love to be proven wrong. Now don't get me wrong...I am the exact opposite of "Marriage Hungry" and enjoying my freedoms WAAAY too much at this point, but blind dates make funny stories and blog posts, so go ahead and humor me. Dating and social experiments are great things to pass the time and keep me entertained on nights when Modern Family isn't on. 

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  1. I must tell you my friend... i know the feeling... imagine adding a year... and a mission under the belt to that... in the minds of all the ward members it goes a little like this.... She's 23 1/2, living at home, been on a mission, hangs out with her family on the weekend, and isn't dating anyone = LOSER. Poor thing.

    the best part is that they don't set me up... yikes. hahaha. just kidding... i know i can say whatever i want and you wont judge me. thanks for this post.