Sunday, September 11, 2011

Public Speaking and Football

Weekends= Pure joy and happiness. I just love love love looooooove them so much! Here's how my weekend went down.....

First, I re-gained all of the calories I lost working out by drinking this amazing chocolate deliciousness at Olive Garden. It might just be my new favorite source of calcium. 

For my internship, I am required to teach 10 workshops about finance and home ownership. On Saturday, I had my very first one, so here is the sequence of my emotions:

 Lots and lots of butterflies

Sooooo happy that it's over and I can enjoy the next 3 days before my next one!

Realizing how many more I have to do over the next few months

That stress was quickly forgotten and Vanessa and I got all geared up for the football game!! Now, this might sound strange coming from me and my athletic background...but I realized how much I dislike going to football games. I don't understand them, I zone out a good 3/4 of the plays, and the other 1/4 of the time is spent laughing at all the "tough guys" in the crowd that yell at the refs and cheer on the players. I mean, I am sure they could do a muuuuch better job, right?! So, after the first half, we decided we were done and went and got yummy food instead. 

It rained at first

It was PACKED for an Aggie football game

Both of us were sooooooo bored!

Homeboy came to do his job, "intimidate" the refs. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone could hear him....

After we got food, we came back much more lively and happy. 


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