Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Life isn't always diet coke and swedish fish...or is it??

Life is so good. Seriously. Everything about my life is so great. I have absolutely no reason to complain! I love my family, my great friends, school, and the fact that I can workout as hard and as much as I want. 

On Sunday night, my bestest friend Carlie came to stay!! We were roommates at Dixie, and she is up here for work for the week. We have SO MUCH fun together! Like forreal, there are very few people that know me better than Carlie does. We have spent our time together reminiscing on our crazy freshman/sophomore years, eating junk food, and watching trashy reality shows. There is not many things in life that get better than that. 

Monday night was a night that I have been waiting for. Can you guess what Monday night was??

Season Finale of Bachelor Pad. You better believe I sat and watched ALL THREE hours of that sucker and was completely entertained. Seriously, that's impressive. That's as long as church is in case you were wondering. The entire show, I was drinking my favorite recovery drink:

Chocolate milk. I drank TWO water bottles full of this beloved drink, AND two full water bottles. Does anyone else drink as much as I do? I mean seriously, that is A LOT of liquid!! I think I went to the bathroom every single commercial break. 

Yesterday, I decided to do a hill workout before the Bachelor Pad. I only had like a half hour so I was booking it. I couldn't miss even the first minute of the Bachelor Pad. I ran 1.5 miles uphill, and then turned around to go downhill. I was in such a hurry and my thoughts were so distracted by what might happen on the Bachelor Pad, that I straight up BIFFED it HARD. I seriously just SLAMMED on the pavement...looked around to make sure nobody saw....and then ran the rest of the way home. No worries, I got back in time. 

Sidenote- I have been doing hill workouts for the past 2 weeks straight. I am DETERMINED to start liking hills. They are the biggest mental challenge for me. I decided to become a "hillaholic" and fake it til I make it. I might just be running hills every day for the rest of my life, because I don't see myself liking it anytime soon. 

Best Pre-running fuel??

Swedish Fish of course. Great for a quick glucose boost!! No worries, we ate that entire bag in like 3 days. Go big or go home!

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