Friday, September 16, 2011

Surprising The Fam

Whether I like it or not, school is in session. 

Basically, that means that last night I began having a panic attack when I realized all of the papers that needed to be written, and all the time that I don't have to write them. Normally, I am all about working hard during the week and then playing on the weekends. Like this weekend, I was planning on going on a big cabin-retreat with a bunch of great friends. The problem is....I spend my entire week working hard at my internship...and then I only have the weekend to focus on my FIVE other classes that aren't my internship. Stressful much?? So, unfortunately I had to bail on the fun cabin trip this weekend. I mean, I wouldn't even be able to be my fun self. I would be thinking about the hundreds of things that I SHOULD be doing. But I still wanted to get out of Logan for the weekend. I realized...hey, I haven't seen my cute nieces for about a month. BAM! I made a FANTASTIC CD, and drove down south. 

Just in time for....

Shannon's surprise party!!!

I promise you, I have the cutest/funniest nieces in the world. Don't try to fight me on this one, you will lose. 

Kali and I put on makeup together, did our hair together, and of course put on our CUUUUTE rainboots and headed to the party!

I'm obsessed with this smile. 

And this smile. 

Silly faces ROCK. 

How good does she look?? ONE MONTH after having a child. I'm impressed. 

Rylie was OBSESSED with this chair. She spent a good 2 hours lounging in it. 

Until I persuaded her to sit on my lap with my cake and ice cream. 

This is one of the greatest people I have ever met. 

And this person. 

Basically...seeing my family this weekend is EXACTLY what I needed. Now I can hide in my parent's house and pound out the papers tomorrow...until the big game of course. 

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