Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am having waaay too much fun these days. I honestly don't know how anyone survives on the amount of sleep that I can function on. My number one priority is to have fun and soak up the college experience this semester. Of course, you know that I am an extreme perfectionist...so these conflicting personality traits (fun lover/perfectionist) can stress me out at times. BUT, I think true happiness lies in the perfect balance between work and play.

....or being able to get 1st place in Mario Kart....

Tonight, after a loooong day of school and getting a workout in, we had some fun! 

It started off with the usual Wii session and homemade nachos with Jentry, and ended going digging with my roommates + Luke and Zac. Love em all! It was a blast!

 The Group

 Zac, Jen, Courtney


 Most favorite gas station in Loogie

The roommates minus Vanessa! We have the best apartment!!

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