Sunday, January 16, 2011


Last night, we went on a double date bowling. We played teams so Tyler and I were on a team and the other couple was on a team. It was way fun!! Tyler pretty much carried our team to victory (considering I was having a very off night) and the second game we lost by just ONE POINT!! Sucky!! But, we had fun and it was a good night! Here's some pictures....

Our cool shoes and white legs (I am REALLY getting sick of taking pictures and realizing how white I have become!)

Tyler's Form

My form

The happy team

The "Shake Face"

We took pictures where you would say a scenario and you would make a face really quick before snapping the picture. This picture was, "Your dog got ran over"

This pretty much describes us

So anyways, as you can tell we have lots of fun on the weekends in Logan. I am having a BLAST living the college life (even though this land is CRAZY COLD!!)

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