Monday, January 3, 2011

Serious Obsession

I am obsessed (UNDERSTATEMENT) with running/athletic shoes. Back in the day (meaning two years ago) I had one pair of "workout shoes" and they were whatever looked cool and was cheap at famous footwear.I think I wore the crappiest pair of running shoes on the Dixie State cross country team, because I really didn't care. I ran my marathon in some cheap yellow Nikes, because I didn't know any different (I ended up getting a stress fracture). Sometimes, I didn't even have athletic shoes, I would just use my moms.


I began to work at sports authority...and the obsession began. I worked in the shoe department sometimes, and fell IN LOVE with shoes. I just can't get enough!! I now have a different pair of shoes for different purposes!

I know, I know children in Africa don't even have ONE pair of shoes, and I have a pair to match every outfit for every's bad!! But, when you spend most of your day in these type of shoes, and become a pretty intense somehow can justify buying more and more shoes!!!

Tonight, as I was putting away all of my stuff I decided to take a picture of all of my shoes (yes, I am home alone in my house in Logan with ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do). So, for mostly my own entertainment...these are all of my shoes!!

All the shoes together

My newest addition: Nike Frees. I wore these to practice today and they are REALLY comfy! My ankle doesn't even hurt! I got them because they are lightweight, comfy, and red! Since I went to Dixie I have a lot of red clothes but never red shoes, so I decided to go for it! I love them!!

Saucony Kinvara: These shoes are to run short distances. They aren't super comfy to run in, but they are the lightest on the market...and they make me speedy! Plus, I love hot pink!

Mizuno Wave Creation: These are the most comfy shoes to run in..EVER! They are amazing and are so good for my ankle. I will most likely run my marathon in these, because they feel so good and never hurt my legs/feet!

Nike Shox: I bought these solely because they look good! They are actually pretty comfy too! Sometimes I will lift weights in them, but that's about it. Definitely NOT for running in!

Nike Run Avant: I LOVE LOVE LOVE having purple shoes! I run in these mostly to match my purple outfits. I won't run long distances in them, because they aren't good for my feet and if I run over 5 miles in them, I will definitely pay for it. But, a girl's gotta have purple shoes to match her purple shorts right??

....And pink ones too!

These are my new basketball shoes. I love love love looooove them! They match a lot of my navy sweats and shirts, AND they are Mtn. Crest colors (minus orange)/ Utah State Colors! Boo yah!

Well, now the secret is out. Kelli Young has a serious problem...but admitting it is the first step, right???

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