Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years!!

Yay! It's 2011!! Going to be the best year EVER!! This year, I rung the New Year in with the Young's, who are quite the party animals!! It was just a low key get together, and a lot less stressful than trying to find the best party or a man to kiss! I decided that Kali would just give me my New Years kiss...until she passed out at 11:30 and I was yet again without a New Year's kiss!! Oh well, I wouldn't have wanted to spend my New Years any other way! It was fabulous!

The sparkling cider flowed

Where is my kiss??

Kali was quite the little party animal...until a half hour before midnight...

This poor little partier had a cough!

I got new running shoes!! Even Allie can appreciate a good new pair of shoes!

The little stinker thinks she can walk around in those...

On New Years day, I went to Snowbird with my cousin Caroline!! It was so fun, even though we couldn't feel out fingers and toes!!

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