Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blogging out of boredom

I'm sick :( Yucky! I have felt WAAAAAAY tired and yuck for like 2 weeks now and today it all hit. I seriously couldn't get out of bed. I slept ALLLL day. At first I thought, "winter blues"...then I was like "am I straight up depressed?!" But neither of those were the case. After yelling at the JV all game yesterday, my throat was straight up JACKED! It was AWFUL! I felt soooo sick. I began to worry that I had mono, because my symptoms matched up. Then I go to the Dr. and they think it's mono too!!! Way freaked out! Do I have to quit coaching? What about school? My marathon? Yes, I overthink things waaaay to much, and I am quite the worry wart. Well, the GOOD NEWS is that I just have strep. The BAD NEWS is that I have strep too. I am kinda in a crucial time with school and basketball and REAAALLLY don't have time to be sick. But what can I do? I seriously do something for like an hour and then I am exhausted.'s an update....

Tyler: Still crazy about the kid. It's been a rough week for both of us, but we have a great relationship overall and I am still totally loving being around him. He has been so sweet with me being sick. He went and got soup and some ice cream for my throat. There's nothing better than waking up and feeling miserable and seeing his smiling face to come visit me and bring me treats. LOVE IT!

School:'s school. It's good, just overwhelming. I am to a very competitive point right now. Everyone has been the smartest in their classes. Everyone is just as driven. It's getting pretty intense. I had 2 meetings about my future with different counselors that was very good for me yesterday. It gave me excitement for all that I am doing and my future. I got approved to work at Paragon this summer and receive 6 credits towards an internship. I also planned out the rest of my college path. CRAZY! In about a year and 3 months, I will be a GRAD!! Crazy!! I am so excited for my future! I really have to work hard this last push (including 12 credits this summer), but I am confident that things will work out and I will soon be done and ready to enter the work force as a certified financial counselor. VERY EXCITING!!

Work: Basketball is good. I am having a hard time lately and a lot of self doubt, but the team is great. We are still undefeated in region (hope I didn't jynx that) and state is looking very hopeful. I have been so busy and sick this week that I have felt like I have neglected the girls lately, but hopefully I will be able to commit more of myself for the last few weeks. The girls make it all worth it, and coaching really is so rewarding.

Marathon: Gonna be honest, being sick has not helped this area. BUT hopefully, I will rest up, drink a lot of liquids and be good. This week will just be my recovery week! I ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill last week and thought I was going to DIE of boredom! It was soooo hard! I can't wait for warm weather and running outside. Last week, Tyler came running with me and I LOVED it! I love that he will run with me just to spend more time with me. Although we were both too out of shape to talk, it was good just to have someone there with me and feel that companionship.

Random: I just got back from observing my first financial counseling session. CRAZY. You know how on Grey's Anatomy they have a gallery and observe? That's what I was doing! Except I was behind a one-sided mirror so the client didn't know who was watching her! Soooo interesting/intense! I didn't realize how crazy it would be. It was a sad situation and extremely frustrating at the same time. It's hard helping people that honestly seem very helpless. It made me consider what type of counselor I want to be...and I think I want to be more positive with clients and really coach them on the fact that no matter what, THEY CAN do it and THEY WILL! I want to be a very positive counselor and give the clients that sense of empowerment and hope.

Home: On Saturday, I was feeling like I have been neglecting the fam. Even Austin texted me that he missed seeing me around (the kid doesn't EVER usually want me around). So I went down and was his date to dinner on Saturday. It is always so good to go home and see the fam. I love catching up with Dave about finance and basketball, and I LOOOOVE just chattin with Cath about life. I saw the kids on Sunday and Kali found out that I have a boyfriend. SHE WAS DEVASTATED. Like....bawling that I would never come home again. Like...we had to have a little "full house talk" about how I wasn't going anywhere and I love her just the same. She wouldn't let me leave, because she "wanted me" and didn't want to let go. Such a funny kid. Made me feel bad...yet good that I meant that much to her. I miss home a lot sometimes, but I know this is my life now and it's where I need to be for now. I will be moving home soon enough!

Okay, this has been WAAAAY too wordy for me and kinda boring, but that's the update. Nothing SUUUUPER exciting, just everyday life and my random thoughts about it all. Hopefully I will get over this strep and be a lot more exciting and have lots of fun. I am hoping to just have a weekend of fun with Cath and really just forget about life and all that overwhelms me lately!

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