Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stick It!

Okay, whole bunch to catch up on! It's been a whole week! Of course, school started so my time began to not really be my own anymore! So let's have the run down....

School: I am lovin it!! I am the nerd on the front row that answers all the questions the teacher asks and everyone hates. But I can't help it!! I love all of my classes and I love going to class and studying and doing homework! Yes, I know I am a big fat nerd...but it's all good! One class, all we do is calculations for the whole hour and I am literally in HEAVEN! It is the fastest hour of my school day BY FAR!

Work: Oh basketball has been quite the treat! I think we may have hit our mid-season slump. We only won by 3 points on Tuesday to Bonneville, and then turned around and won by 2 to Logan in overtime! It's been a rough week for sure for us! We still only have lost one game (to Springville), so we are sitting pretty good in the rankings and standings so far!

Marathon Training: Well...I am kinda lacking in this area. I made a goal to run 3 miles every day in January...but it hasn't happened like I was hoping. I have ran a few times, but I need to become more consistent. Hopefully, when basketball is over, I will have a little bit more time for myself. I haven't really felt very good for the last 2 weeks either. I have some weird throat problem. My glands are all swollen and I lose my voice...but it doesn't hurt. It just makes me feel crappy a lot! I don't understand. It also makes it hard to breathe, which makes running harder. BUT I WILL do better, I promise!

FUN: Of course, we have been living the college dream and having a lot of fun in our spare time. Below, are pictures from the gymnastics meet we went to last night. It was USU vs. BYU and Arizona. BYU came out on top, which made my secret inner cougar proud!

Me, Jen, Vanessa

Jen and I (we aren't too happy about how white we are lookin these days)

Tyler and I
Tyler cheesin it

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