Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flannel Friday

Flannel Friday= My new favorite day of the week!!!

Here's how it went down....

we drove to Blackfoot Idaho and back on a grand ol roadtrip!


We snuck onto an ice rink that was closed and danced around like the scene of Happy Gilmore MINUS "Endless Love" playing (although we may or may not have belted out a few lines). Then, the cops drove by and we had to RUN off the ice very gracefully and hide so that we didn't get in trouble for trespassing.


We got hot chocolate and sat at Macey's late at night and people watched.

SOOOOO fun! We totally looked cool in our matching flannels acting like total goofs all night. Who doesn't love a good adventure???

We also made up a new word:'s the step in between "like" and "love" and it is sooo fun to use in sentences. You should try it. You won't regret it.

So here are some pictures we got...I'm not SUPER fond of them, but I'm super fond of the guy in them! (Tyler Jessop: My new favorite person)

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  1. haha we're so bad at this picture thing... well mostly just me. I'll work on it!