Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Day Paaaartaaay!!!

Martin Luther King Day is a big deal at our house. We LOVE IT! All Holidays are meant to be celebrated, large or small! For dinner, we went to KFC (pictures in a later post) and drank kool aid jammers! Afterwards, we had a little "shindig" at our place. We played "kool-aid/rootbeer pong" It got INTENSE! There were many celebrations, disappointments, and finally....champions! Tyler and I (Team Keller) got defeated early on and spent the rest of the night coming down from an intense sugar high from all of the "purple drank" that we had to drink in our devastating defeat. We'll get em' next time! Vanessa and Cyler came out on top after three intense games! Here's some pictures of the night....

Early on, when everyone was sugar-free and feeling good!

Kenz in an intense game

Some of the group


After our loss, we were sad we lost...but even more sad that we had to drink so much kool aid!

The powerful duo after an intense game!

"You won the lottery"

"You're on a rollercoaster"

The Champs in action

Champions!! Happy and full of sugar!!

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  1. that last picture of Vanessa was 3 minutes exactly before she started throwing up.