Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh tan, how I miss you so

Okay, Christmas is over and I am done. I want to be warm again!!! Don't get me wrong, I love snow and all...but I HATE freezing!! I hate not being able to enjoy the outdoors and being able to feel my fingers and toes at the same time. I miss being tan all the time and running outside. Last April (before I had this blog), we went to St. Thomas for Austin's spring break. It was the perfect little get away from the cold cold spring we had! I was just lookin through pictures and it made me miss my tan sooooooo much!! It was such a good trip and I am really hoping that my schedule will work out again and I can join them in Cancun this year...even if I lose a few participation points in some classes...totally worth the killer tan!!

I mean, look at my "tan potential"! I was not meant to be this white!!

I miss walking with my shoes off and having total circulation in my toes!

While we were on the beach, there was a lesbian wedding ceremony going on RIGHT next to us! While my mom and I tried to be discrete when we looked over...Austin could not hide it!

We did an "engagement" picture on the beach

Yes, this is his normal smile. I pity the person that has to put together his wedding video and stare at these kinds of pictures all day long

Another "engagement" picture

Jumping picture

The lesbian wedding

I mean, look at how happy the sun makes me?! I NEEED it!!!!

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  1. hahahaha.
    maybe you should track down those lesbians.. they would probably appreciate that adorable picture.
    and i'm with ya.
    i miss the warm weather SOOO bad!!