Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stressitis: An Inflamation of stress

Holy Shnikes. This week has been absolutely one of the most stressful weeks ever! I just want to apologize to anyone who has had to encounter me the past few days. I have had ABSOLUTELY no personality. I have basically been a zombie. Why? Because I was too stressed and overloaded with my own thoughts to function in the real world.

We played Springville tonight who is ranked #1 in 4A...we came into the game undefeated and ranked 3rd. Do you realize how much stress that can put on a coach? I KNEW we had a better chance than almost anyone else in the state to ruin Springville's undefeated record that goes back 20 somethin games. I KNEW we could make a statement by beating these guys. I KNEW that it was up to me as a coach to help prepare these guys for one of the biggest games of the season. I went down to watch Springville play last weekend and figured out how to beat them. Ever since I went to that game...that's all I could think about. How we could beat Springville. I was completely stressed and anxious and didn't have room in my brain to worry about anything else.

Add some finals and other drama to that, and you pretty much get a zombie Kelli. I wasn't myself at all. I really just could not think about anything else or talk about anything else, because that was all my mind wanted to think about until this week was over.

I just got back from the Springville game. We lost, but we went down fighting. We were up the first three quarters and just couldn't pull it off at the end. I felt really good about what we learned and what we can work on to really take it to em' at state when it really matters. I really felt good about the game, despite the loss. It's midnight, and I have a financial advising final in seven hours that I have yet to study for. I am straight up exhausted. I can't sleep, but I really want to. I just want this week to be over so I can enjoy the holidays with my family, and take some time to recover and be normal Kelli again.

So I am sorry for anyone who has talked to me and wondered about my lack of enthusiasm for life or my complete lack of personality. I actually probably won't even remember that I talked to you, because I was so consumed in other thoughts that the conversation we had wasn't really what I was actually thinking about. But don't worry, I am still Kelli. I am still happy go lucky and fun, just maybe after this week, I will be able to think and act a little bit more like myself! Goodnight!


  1. I beg to differ. You were entertainment plus at dinner! I'm still laughing about some of the things you were saying. It was fun to hang out! After you get through this week lets touch base and if you can come into work I would LOVE it but dont want to add to the stressitis.


  2. I hope you start doing better! These past couple weeks have been rough ones for all of us. Good, Luck and I hope you relax and enjoy the holidays.