Friday, December 24, 2010

Hittin the POW!

So I finally got to hit the slopes after waiting FOREVER!! Last February, when I was teaching snowboarding about 3 times a week, I tore my peroneus brevis tendon and was out for the season. I had to get surgery and had quite the recovery...still am! So I was a little bit nervous to hit the slopes again and do the activity that tore my ankle up in the first place. IT WAS SO FUN!! I forgot how much I have missed boarding, especially when there is POWDER!! We never got powder last year, so this was a great Christmas present. Although, one time I went into "powder" and there was slightly too much...meaning I sunk up to my shoulders and had to use my superior survival skills to return safely to the bottom. By the end of the day, the snow had turned into slush and my ankle was starting to slightly be excruciatingly painful, so we called it a day! But, I would definitely say it was a success my first time back!! Keep the good snow comin snowboarding gods!! Here are some pictures I took on my phone...

Ridin the lift

ALL THE DANG PEOPLE!! You know you have lived in Logan too long when you start to get major anxiety from large amounts of people. What can I say? I am turning into a "small town girl"

Beautiful Day

When I first got there, I was so excited!!

Look at how cool my board and pants are?? I would definitely rate my snowboarding "cool factor" at a solid 9


  1. You've got some steeze for sure ;)

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