Friday, December 10, 2010

Inconsiderate Little Whores

Okay, so it's time to lash at some people. It may be because it's finals and I am already stressed. It may be that we are playing Springville (number 1 team in Utah) and I am super nervous. It may be because it is cold and I hate it. It might be because I have the world's gnarliest/most painful canker sore in the whole entire world. Or it may be because people don't know how to treat other people. I would say the latter would be the most correct.

The other night we went to the hot tub to take a little break from studying. It seemed like it would be one of our most favorite hot tub trips yet. We got a lot of girls to go, there were a lot of hot guys there, and the temperature of the hot tub was just right! What could go wrong right? OH SO MUCH. So as we making casual conversation with these boys who seemed to be really nice, smart, funny boys...their little brat whores show up. Obviously they are threatened that we are talking to "their" men, so they come in and get all over the boys and act like the biggest sluts in all the land of Logan. I didn't know this was happening until after we got home, but in the corner, two girls were going around all the girls in the hot tub and saying "she has a good body", "she doesnt"...and on and on! WTF?! Seriously?! That is straight up ridiculous mean girl crap that they just pulled. I was LIVID when I heard that it was going down. How shallow can someone be??!! I was straight up disgusted by how they acted and wish I would have given them a piece of my mind, because I totally would have. I would tell them how shallow and stupid they were for caring about that kind of crap. UGH idiots!!

Can I just say? I am so sick of people right now?! Wherever there are people, there is drama. It is straight up ridic. Can't we all just get along? I really think I just want to live in a cave all by myself for the rest of my life and I would be so much happier! I am the type of girl that can go days without talking to anyone (which prolly isn't good) and be completely content. I like to just live my life, play my game, and not worry about the crap that goes on. I avoid drama at all costs. Yet somehow, I ALWAYS have drama. I'm sooo sick of all the bad things like jealousy, hatred, anger, etc that control people!

Did we forget, "Men are that they might have joy"???? So quit worryin about other people and all the crap, because chances another week there will be a whole different dramatic situation and the next week there will be another one. The madness will never end! Where there are people, there WILL be drama.

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