Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am A FREE WOMAN! It feels oh so amazing! Today, Jentry and I went to hot chocolate and shopping. Do you know the last time I just took a leisurely shopping trip?! I can't! It was fantastic!! I got a new outfit to wear tonight to our game against Logan. We won, so I am one happy camper! I am done with school for the next 3 weeks, got a new outfit, and won! What more could a girl want? Forreal!?

So I am going to be in Logan until Christmas eve-ish. I have NO idea what I am going to do with myself. If you know me, you know I get stir crazy VERY easily. For instance, I am sitting here watching Inception, which is one of those movies that keeps your attention the whole time. Not mine. I have to be on my laptop blogging while watching. I can't just sit and watch. That is a serious problem when you have no roommates, you are freezing cold, you have no homework, AND WORST OF ALL...the gym is closed. I am at a complete loss here. What do I do with myself this break?!?! I am open to any and all suggestions!!!

So a girl that I coach keeps wanting to set me up with her brother. I was hesitant at first cause the whole "setting up" thing. In my head I am thinking "I am a man eater. Do you HATE your brother? Because most likely I will stomp all over his heart". But then I saw her brother. Pretty dang cute. So I agreed, that we should get set up. Well she like tells him to look good when he comes to games and talk to me, but I get SUUUUPER nervous and avoid eye contact, because I feel weird. So today I gave myself a pep talk. "Kelli, it's okay, just be's just a guy...just be bold". So after the game, I was going to talk to him. Well he was surrounded by family so I wasn't going to just go jump on in the conversation. I was surrounded by all the coaches and he wasn't just going to walk over. I kept lookin at him trying to make eye contact so he would come say hi to me or something. Well one time I look over and she is talking to her brother and sees me and goes "SEE LOOK! SHE'S LOOKING AT YOU! GO TALK TO HER!" across the ENTIRE gym. Well, that's awkward. I couldn't pretend I wasn't looking, because she just declared to the whole gym that I was. So...I just smiled and waved and felt myself get super red and shaky. Complete embarrassment. Am I back in high school? Apparently.

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  1. So this post is missing the part where i was also completely embarrassed so i just turned and left the gym! Its a good thing you eventually got bold enough to Facebook me ;)