Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh Martha! Oh Christmas!!

Christmas 2010 definitely was not a disappointment!! The whole clan came over on Christmas morning and we opened up all of our gifts. Some of my favorite gifts included a car vacuum, clothes, snowboard helmet, the other half of my road bike, and lots of gift certificates! I was definitely spoiled!! While I loved having family around, I needed to get in my very favorite christmas activity of all time: My christmas NAP!! O boy it sure was fabulous and really completed the day!! I loved having the whole clan at home and spending time with everyone. Here are some pictures from the morning...keep in mind we all just woke up...

Candy opening her gifts

David got a fantastic hat for hunting

Devin and his gals

Showing our cool beanies

This little munchkin got all bundled up for us to go running outside. She was such a good baby!!

Allie opening gifts

The whole Bunnell clan

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