Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dixie Days

I know...I've been going down memory lane a lot a lot. It's what I do when I am bored! I have been watching home videos from my childhood, looking at my parents pictures, and going through all of my pictures. This post is about my time at Dixie State. I have a very special place in my heart for Dixie. I met some of the best people and had the funnest time. Our apartment seriously was the best apartment EVER!! It was the best group of girls and we were ALWAYS up to something! Here are some pictures from Dixie...I have A LOT more, but I will spare you!

My VERY FAVORITE park!! It was an adult spin park... don't be fooled by the children in the background.

Roommate Christmas party!!

Dixie State Cross Country...yes one day I decided to run cross country, no big

Dixie State Christmas party...let's be honest, we were the life of the party!

THE ONLY TIME Carlie and I were studious when we lived together

Dixie State powder puff...Jentry lost...but she tackled me so hard that I think I was the one who really lost

Spontaneous middle of the week Vegas dinner/shopping trips: LOVED

Apartment Seven

Team Texas: An intramural dynasty

The apartment car...joke

Matt. My Dixie State fling

The fab five

Halloween socks!! Thanks mom!!

"Our drunken lives at Dixie"

Tan all year long

Intramural Kickball

Just a typical day of sitting around doing nothing...yes Carlie and I are holding big!

Our legitimate friend's sweet pool

Going swimming instead of to big

Awww how I miss that place!! Such great times!!

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