Sunday, December 5, 2010

Energy Drinks and Naps

I am not quite sure HOW this is possible...but today I drank an energy drink right after church (I am well aware energy drinks are bad for me and I shouldn't drink them, but I do) and figured I wouldn't be able to take a Sunday nap. I was feeling okay with that, because then maybe I could do something more productive like study for finals. Nope. I laid down to watch a movie with my roommates and within 20 minutes, I was OUT. How is that possible? I decided that was the definition of burnt out. Who does that? Do you realize how much caffeine is in those things?!?! That is out of control. I need to slow down. Maybe after finals are over.

That's another thing! Finals. Today, during testimony meeting everyone was bearing their testimonies about going through trials and how we can make it through finals and everything will be okay. I'm sorry, but if having FINALS is your biggest challenge in life, I would say your life is pretty good. It's a test in school. It won't have a HUGE impact on the rest of your life. I don't even remember my grades from most classes. Of course you don't want to bomb them or waste your tuition money by failing a class. But seriously...there are much worse things to bear in this life than school tests. GPA's don't matter once you're done anyways. There is so much more to this life. Let's look at the big picture.

I went on a car drive today. Not to clear my head. No to get out of the house. Simply because my CAR is SOOOO much warmer than my house. How sad is that?! I go on drives to warm up!! Seriously this house is much too cold for me. I don't have enough body fat to live in this place, and I keep losing weight...probably from shivering.

I did it again. I signed up for another marathon. What am I thinking?! I have no idea! It's in June, the Utah Valley Marathon. I ran it two years ago and really liked it. It's a Boston qualifier, so I really want to focus on qualifying this year. How rad would that be?! To run the Boston Marathon! Hopefully by signing up, I will get motivation to work out again. It's just hard to have motivation when you are thinner than normal and you haven't worked out in a month. Not very good reinforcement if you ask me.

Random post? Yep. I am so bored this weekend!

I am listening to the forgotten carols. Love.

Today...I miss these guys....

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  1. Wellll your boredom makes me UNBORED! ha my friend that goes up there said he is wayyy bored this week too cause erryone is studying for finals.
    keep blogging. it'll be ok!