Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Sometimes... I sleep through class, and don't even feel guilty

Sometimes...I wake up and start getting ready for my next class and decide I look gross and it's too cold to go anyway

Sometimes...I follow the rule "If I workout, I can eat whatever I want"

Sometimes...I get my favorite drink from Starbucks instead of going to class

Sometimes...I drive around in the mornings just to wake up

Sometimes...Scraping my window is actually super satisfying

Sometimes...I finished my senior practicum application and felt really old

Sometimes...I act like a freshman in college, rather than a senior (it's a lot more fun anyways)

Sometimes...When I look all grungy, I just put on a pair of sunglasses and pretend I am just a celebrity trying to disguise myself

Sometimes...I wake up sore just from yelling so much the day before

Sometimes...I just wanna be in my warm bed all morning

Sometimes...I can't feel my feet for a few days, because they are so cold they have turned numb

Sometimes...I finished one final, and only have four more!

Sometimes...When I am debating if I want to go to the gym, I look at my stomach and if I can still see my muscles, I opt out

Sometimes...It has to storm to remind us to appreciate the sunshine more

Sometimes...It's just a "sometimes" day, and you just gotta go with it...

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